4.2 Star icon Blake - Destination visited: New Orleans

"Had a great time with my family visiting New Orleans. It was a fantastic surprise!"

4.4 Star icon Matthew - Destination visited: San Diego

"A different and exciting way of celebrating my birthday. Awesome."

4 Star icon Alison - Destination visited: Austin

"My first time in Texas. Great recommendations on what to do. Good timings as well."

4.5 Star icon Patrick - Destination visited: Denver

"A really good price for what you get. "

4 Star icon Sandra - Destination visited: Boston

"Been in Boston before but all in all it was a fantastic experience."

4.9 Star icon Laura - Destination visited: Chicago

"A beautiful city to visit during winter. Hotel was fantastic!"

3.8 Star icon Sean - Destination visited: Portland

"We had really bad luck with the weather but it was a good weekend."

4.2 Star icon Anna - Destination visited: Seattle

"Love the concept. Will repeat."

5 Star icon Robert - Destination visited: Honolulu

"It was a gift from my girlfriend for my birthday and it was amazing."

3.9 Star icon Andrea - Destination visited: Chicago

"Really good price-quality. "

4.9 Star icon Alexandria - Destination visited: Chicago

"My experience was great! The hotel was way better than I expected. I love the idea of having a surprise trip planned."

5 Star icon Cait - Destination visited: Miami Beach

"I can't wait to do it again! They were so awesome with communication and customer service. It was beautiful, the room was a great location, and their guide helped us explore Miami to the fullest!"

4.3 Star icon Frederick - Destination visited: Chicago

"Timings of flights were very desirable. The hotel was above average and was located in an optimal location in Chicago. Overall, the experience was great and I already booked my next trip."