How Nimbus trips work?

In 5 minutes you will have an exciting trip planned for you

Step 1

Choose between our different Nimbus Trips: Original and Europe

Step 2

Select the number of travelers and trip duration as well as your departing city.

Step 3

Select what kind of trip you want: Basic or Premium.

Step 4

Select the dates and if you want, schedule your flights.

Step 5

Choose your interests while traveling. This will help us choosing the best destinations for you.

Step 6

We will show you all the possible destinations you can go (accordingly to what you choose before). We will allow you to remove 4 cities.

Step 7

Fill your information and pay.

Step 8

2 days before flying you'll receive an email with your surprise destination and all the trip information

What to expect from a Nimbus trip?

Surprise destinations
Surprise destinations

Fly with a recognized airline

Stay in a high quality accommodation

Discover an amazing city

Experience a new way of traveling

Round-trip flights with high quality airlines that include carry-on bag. We'll select the best time frames for your flights in order to assure an amazing trip.

We only provide with high quality hotels or apartments, located near downtown, with at least 3 stars, that have met our expectations by far

We'll select the best destination according to your interests. You'll only have to worry about enjoying.